Whale Spa Renalta



In order to create a truly modern spa pedicure chair, we had to engage in some forward thinking, and the Renalta is the result. This look features a fluid, flowing dynamic that everyone will notice at a price that will make you very happy. This model is an obvious choice for spa owners who want the ultimate in design and beauty but also want to keep overhead costs low.

With a durable PU leather seat that resists staining and abrasion, a glass basin that is both sturdy and chemical proof and a slim profile for maximum efficiency, it is hard to imagine a better chair than the Renalta. All Whale Spa models are UL listed and ANSI safety certified. These chairs feature pipeless jets that are guaranteed to be easy to clean and service. With real wood and other durable components, this is a chair that is built to last.


Glass Basin

Adjustable Footrest

Select Massage

Magnet Jet

Matching Pedicure Stool

Hardwood Armrest | Foldable Tray

iFill-Auto with Magnet Jet $70

Discharge Pump $200