FAQ's about Whale Spa Pedicure Chairs.

Massage Chair

  • Massager does not turn on.
  • Remote control turns on but massager does not run.
  • Massager makes noise when tapping.
  • Massager makes noise when kneading.
  • Massager does not turn off.
  • Massager does not go up and down OR Massage goes up to top and makes noise (no limiter).
  • Massager unit unmoved and stays on the top or bottom are the sensor problem.
  • Massager Erratic or running full speed.
  • Massager goes up and down but does not knead or tap.
  • Burnt Fuse from International 220V using transformer
  • Chair doesn't recline or slide forward and back.
  • Massager makes noise when going up and down.
  • Chair does not recline.
  • Chair does not move forward and back.
  • The roller won't move up and down.


  • How to Reboot

Luraco Magnet

  • What is Luraco Magnet
  • Jet Head
  • Jet Motor

Spa Base